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Welcome to our puppy page. We had a litter of 8 puppies born 4-6-00. You might have seen these Berner babies listed else where. If you find the pedigree for Slander or Dot, you can see their pedigree. We believe that some are potential show puppies, and we believe we could have agility puppies, or obedience puppies in this litter too. In fact, we would love to see every puppy in this litter get a carting title. (Hopeful thinking!)

All of our puppies are AKC registered and purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs. Some are show dogs, some are working dogs, and some are family pets. We have just learned carting (also known as drafting work) ourselves, and we will be getting our Berners out to the AKC shows as soon as we get them trained for carting.

Incidently, you might notice that I call this breed of dogs Bernese, Bernese Mountain Dogs, and Berners? In the country where they originated (Switzerland), they are called berner sennenhunds. One lady who was from Switzerland, asked me what a Berner was. I tried to explain, but she said she didn't know the breed. I finally explained to her that it was a berner sennenhund which she knew immediately. She said that they had them on the farms all around where they lived when she was growing up. I asked her if they used the dogs for carting, and she said they did. And she added, "They use them for herding too. In my country (Switzerland), they are all over!" I was excited to hear from a Swiss lady about how wonderful she thought the dogs from Switzerland actually are! We definitely agree with her.

This is one of the puppy boys.

As you can see, he hasn't opened his eyes yet. He is only four days old in this picture. We took these pictures so that you could see the puppies beautiful tri-colored markings on each puppy. But if you click on the puppy's picture, you can see how he looks at four weeks old. Try it!

This is another one of the puppy boys.

The tri-colored markings on this puppy are fairly even. The whole litter is that way. Only one puppy has markings that might not be good show markings and that is only on one foot. The sire of this litter has deep, dark red rust coloring which makes up the same tri-colored markings that these puppies have. We don't know yet if they will have the deep tri colored markings of their father or the lighter tri-colored markings of their mother.

This is another one of the puppy boys.

When I first bred my first litter of Bernese Mountain Dogs, the breeder that I got started with told me that all Bernese Mountain Dogs were born white and got their tri-colored markings later. I told her that Dalmations also do that, and I asked when they would get them. She said a couple of weeks. I was a little disappointed as I thought a tri-color puppy that were newborn would be so cute. Do you think tri-colored puppies are cute too? Do you think Berners are born solid white?

This is a boy with very pretty markings.

This is another prospective stud dog and prospective show puppy. We never know which puppy will be conformation type until they get to be older puppies. Then we can tell, but we still make mistakes occasionally. I sent one beautiful, absolutely striking Berner girl to a family. She is a pet only, and although I am glad she is so loved, I would rather have kept her and gotten a champion ship on her.

This is a boy puppy too.

This is the final boy puppy. He already has a home, and the people who are getting him are soooo excited! He will go to his new home and be a wonderful pet and a family dog.

This is one of the puppy girls.

This puppy has the beautiful markings that dog breeders (at least that Bernese breeders) seek. She should be very large boned like both of her parents. But you cannot see her large bone now because she is only a 4 day old puppy.

This is another one of the puppy girls.

This Berner puppy is another one of the girl puppies. Did you know that the girls don't get as big as a large male? The males are usually as much as 50 pounds heavier than the girls. However, most breeders strive to keep them within 30-40 pounds difference.

This is the last of the puppy girls.

Although these puppies are not closely line bred, we normally do use line breeding as our method of breeding because we find that it produces the most consistency. And for a breeder, consistency of a litter is what we seek. If we can produce a litter of consistent top quality puppies, we as breeders are thrilled.

We are sorry to say that this little girl did not make it. She went on to the rainbow bridge where she awaits our arrival. God bless you baby.

New Arrivals Soon!

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