Kythe Kennels Puppies in Pet Homes!

Kythe's Major League Player is a puppy which we sold as a pet. However, he turned out so beautiful that his new owner, Sherry, decided that he was just too beautiful to neuter. So we made further arrangements on him, and now he is headed for a show career.

If you are interested in how wonderful Kythe dogs are, ask Sherry. Sherry just had a new baby. At first, because of Logan's size, she was nervous about trusting him around the new baby as he was only 9 months old when she brought her little baby home. After a couple of days, Sherry began to trust him. She told me that Logan is now the baby's guard dog. He refuses to let any harm come to the baby, and he refuses to let any person, dog or horse around the baby. When she goes out to the barn, she trusts Logan as the babysitter, and she knows the baby is safe. If one of her labs comes near the baby, Logan stands up, blocks the other dog from approaching, and continues to field the other dogs until they give up. Sherry tells us now that she and her husband think Logan is about the most wonderful dog they can imagine! Logan's grandfather did the same thing with my little Nathan when he was two years old.

Logan was about 10 months old in this picture.

Kythe's Nothing But Bearable Kodiak is another Kythe puppy that was sold as a pet. He too was a beautiful puppy, and Kelly and John decided to try to show him. Kodi is a pet first and foremost, and Kelly says that no matter where she goes in the house, Kody wants to be at her side.

Kelly tells us that when Kodi got microchipped, he did not even flinch! (Most Berners don't even notice it.) He is such a joy!!! He weighed 54lbs., at 5 months and 85 pounds at 8 months. (Does this mean that he will weight 124 pounds at 12 months? *grin*) Kelly says "He has become quite the little lover. He likes to be hugged and follows me all over. I constantly trip over him because he lays by my feet in the kitchen." Kodi was about 7 months old in this picture.

Kythe's Miss Moriah is the love of her family. She came to Jennifer and her family when she was just about five months. She immediately took to the boys (all three of them) and her son, who used to be afraid of dogs because of a very bad experience, now has a special affinity and friendship with Moriah. She worked her way into his heart, and he is not worried about her being dangerous any more. I believe Kythe dogs make wonderful therapy dogs, and I know that Jennifer and Moriah would agree with me. Mariah was about 7 months old in this picture.

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