Kythe Kennels' Founding Fathers

We prepared this list of our dogs' ancestors so that you could get an idea where we have been and who the grandparents are of your puppy. We have included here, dogs of our past and dogs we have owned as our love remembrances to each of them. We loved you all, and you are missed.


Kythe's Elizabeth T, OFA Good

AKC Champion Athena Sparkles v d Sunnyday, OFA Elbows

Kythe's Bojangles, OFA Excellent

Diamonds R Trump v Kythe, OFA Good

April's Lily, OFA Good

And to the many dogs that we could not keep in our breeding program because of our greater love for the breed, we salute you all. And we loved you. And you are the reason that we work hard to produce only genetically sound dogs in our program.


AKC Champion Robyn's Heavens to Betsy, OFA Excellent

1995 Sweepstakes Winner Crystal Creek Karina Mt View, OFA Excellent

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