Hi! Welcome to Kythe Kennels!

Kythe's Outrageous Slander at 6 weeks. And welcome to my own personal web page.

I'm supposed to introduce you to Kythe Kennels, the home of top quality Berners, where I was born. In fact, this web site is all about Bernese Mountain Dogs because that's what I am and my human mom is a dog breeder sometimes! My name is Kythe's Outrageous Slander -- Slander for short. I'm a mostly black dog with tri colored markings. They make me striking! See me? I'm really cute! I am an AKC registered bernese mountain dog ("Berner" for short) bred to be a working dog and a show dog (and mostly a pet), and you can find my pedigree inside. I was told that Bernese Mountain Dogs are a breed in the AKC Working Group because we do jobs for people. Berners were bred thousands of years ago as herding dogs. Then they were Swiss dogs and used for carting and drafting work. I was a 6 week old puppy dog in this picture, and I was one of three puppies in the family. I was told that we were a good litter of Berner puppies because we were all top quality puppies. I'm a berner, but they call me a potential show puppy. I guess 'cause I'm the one to show you into my web site. Wanna see my sister, Dot?

Oh, Wait! I have more to say. If you go to the bottom of the page, you can find an easier way to look through the site. I'm just a puppy, and I want to show you everything right away.

But I'm bigger now. But I'm not a show dog yet, but they say I can be a show puppy if I want to. The human with me is my buddy, Nathan. We were great buddies before I left for my show career where I am supposed to become a champion. And when I am about 1 year old, my owner (hey, I thought dog's owned people -- they do, ya know) wants me to have X-rays to see if I can pass GDC certification. And I will have to have a CERF check too to see if my eyes are okay. Then when I am two, my human mom will have my doctor take more X-rays of me to make sure that I also pass OFA. When I am done with that, I will go on to an obedience class and earn a CD, maybe a CDX or a UD, and then I will get a carting title, and if I win, I will be an NDD (Novice Draft Dog). Neat, huh? They call this dog training but I know it is really so that the people can learn how to do it right. If I am interested, I might even go into agility. Then I might even have puppies of my own some day. You will be seeing me in the conformation ring acting like a show dog with my good friend Cindy. In the meantime, enjoy my home.

If you go to my mom's site, her name is Kythe's Icing on the Cake , you can see her GDC and maybe her OFA information on her hips and elbows as well as her CERF information. The humans around here say that she has an incredible Bernese temperament. My family says we all have great Bernese temperaments. But I don't know what that means. I just know that mom is very nice.

And my dad, Kythe's Georgeous George , has GDC and OFA numbers as well as his CERF certification. (That means that he doesn't show any signs of genetic eye disease but especially PRA or cataracts.) The humans say that he has great longevity in his lines because of an ancestor who lived to be 14. But I don't know what that means either. They say my dad would make a great agility dog. Don't tell him I said this, but he just thinks he's a stud.

You can even find my grandma on here. Her name is Champion Robyn's Heaven to Betsy, and she is OFA Excellent with sound elbows. They say she has good type. She has a current CERF certificate. She'd make a great therapy dog because she is so very gentle. But she made her championship too. I think she did because she's so pretty.

My other grandma is here too. She is Crystal Creek Karina Mt View, and she is OFA Excellent with sound elbows. She won Sweepstakes at the BMDCA national show. (That means The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America, and it's a group of people who are Berner dog breeders and owners. And my human mom has been a member since the 1980s) And the competition is tough there at that big show, so I guess that proves that she has good Bernese type too. She has a current CERF certificate too.

I am very proud of my grandmas and their Berner type although I just like them because they are pretty. The humans are happy with my grandmas too because they have good longevity. The humans say that they have good Berner temperaments too, but I just like them because they are always nice to me.

We have lots of things to see so come on in! And please, go see my mom, and my dad, and my grandmas and grandpas. Thanks!

If you click on the friendly Berner below, she will take you inside so you can see everyone. Bye for now!

We hope you enjoy your visit and that you come back again.

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